Who is Vicky?

I’m an amateur sewer. I started sewing at school during textiles. I really enjoyed it so I carried on for GCSE and A Level. Then I went to University to Study Chemistry. I infrequently used my sewing machine for the next decade or so.

In August 2019 I moved to Bristol for my new job(!) and had time and room to sew again. I make most of my garments (except knits) on my Singer 201k which used to belong to my boyfriends Grandmother. It’s an absolute breezy dream.

I recently had to upgrade my ‘modern’ machine (33 year old Toyota R2200 with who I had frequent falling outs). I am now doing my more fancy bits (buttonholes and zig zags) on my Janome 360DC. I have a Jaguar Overlocker which I purchased from Sewing Machines Direct in Bristol, it’s a great replacement for my Lidl overlocker which had the timing break.

I like to mix it up between plains and prints. My colour palette is either Warm Spring or Warm Autumn. I’m trying to make sure I’m going to be wearing all of my clothes at least 30 times for sustainable style.

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