Make Nine 2020 – Pattern Selection

I’m starting the blog with a series of posts on my Make Nine 2020. I restarted my sewing adventure in August 2019 when I moved to Bristol and suddenly had time to sew and a sewing community to join!

I decided that a make nine would be a good way to keep my sew-jo going during the year and to keep a vague plan rather than just deciding things willy-nilly. I completed my make nine on the 7th May and before I charge into more makes, I wanted to do a review. I’ve also completed a lot more additional makes this year too.

Line Drawings of my Make Nine

1&2. I’d had an idea for a fake jumpsuit in my head since October. I wanted a faux jumpsuit rather than a jumpsuit as I felt it would be easier and more sustainable to have more opportunities to wear.

1. One of my favourite parts of my body is my collarbones and I wanted the jumpsuit to show case these. I didn’t want to go for a standard halterneck and so I found the vintage Burda 6968 on ebay (after much research).

2. I was also a little wary about making trousers. The Winslow Culottes from Helens Closet were well reviewed and the Palazzo pants seemed to be a luxurious way to finish the jumpsuit combo.

3. I’m short and leggings usually bunch round my ankles or twist randomly. So I decided making my own would be better. The Avery Legging again from Helens Closet had two features I really liked. a) The high waisted option. b) The lack of seams on the outside of the legs and therefore on the list they went.

4. The Shelby from True Bias was something a little different to me. I really like the princess seams and the style that is reminiscent of the 90s. I wanted a cute spring/summer dress and this fitted the bill.

5. How could I resist the siren call of the Wilder gown, despite my boyfriend helpfully informing me that it looked like a nightgown I was smitten. Having seen one on Instagram from @lesbonbecsfabuleax (see it in its beauty here) I knew I wanted a dramatic green one for myself. Friday Pattern Company had a new fan!

6. When I re-joined the sewing world the Indigo from Tilly and the Buttons was about to launch. I wasn’t initially sold but I saw some versions which looked good and I liked the bust darts on the bodice.

7. The Estuary Skirt from Sew Liberated had been on my lust list since September. It fitted my idea of swishy, functional and fun. I knew I was going to make it in rust and my wonderful sister had bought be the pattern for Christmas

8. At the Likesewamazing Christmas party me and Measure Twice Kat Once tried on each others clothes. I really liked the casual and relaxed fit of her Nora (Tilly and the Buttons) and decided that as I had nothing like it in my wardrobe, to add it to the list.

9. My ready to wear jeans are a little worse for wear. They’ve been relegated to my ‘site visit’ wear for work. So filling the hole in the wardrobe was a necessity. I like high waisted things due to my proportions so I decided that the Dawn Jeans from Megan Nielsen fit the bill. I decided on these over the Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Patterns, I wanted to work with non-stretch for my first foray.

I didn’t make the garments in any logical order having just bought fabric as and when I saw the perfect fit (some before deciding on my make nine). The next few posts will outline the making process and show the finished objects.

Until then, enjoy sewing!

The completed Make Nine

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