Make Nine 2020 – It’s Dawning on Me

I’ve gone a little bit out of order here. As of yesterday I have a shiny new second pair of Dawn Jeans so I’m sharing them whilst my edits and the experience are fresh in my mind. I said previously I wanted to make these as my old ready to wear pairs had seen betterContinue reading “Make Nine 2020 – It’s Dawning on Me”

Make Nine 2020 – Getting Wilder

Sorry about the pun. We had a big debate at sewing club about whether it was pronounced Will-der or WILDer. I’ve gone with WILDer, correct me if I’m wrong. I’d seen a lot of really lovely ones on everyone and was getting some major FOSMO (Fear of Sewing Missing Out). I mentioned in my previousContinue reading “Make Nine 2020 – Getting Wilder”

Make Nine – The Shelbys

I first saw the Shelby (not the Peaky Blinders) in December. I enthusiastically let my friend Irmak know how cute it was. She then surprised me by buying it for me for Christmas(!). I really loved the shape and selected the dress over the romper (functional toilet needs). What with it being semi fitted IContinue reading “Make Nine – The Shelbys”

Make Nine – The Avery Leggings

Everyone loves leggings, I did not love leggings. Leggings were for other people. I am 5’2” (160.5cm) and all of the leggings were the wrong saggy ankled length for me. Or the seam twisted around my legs. I often wore them and ended up doing a weird not very cool dance to make them workContinue reading “Make Nine – The Avery Leggings”

Make Nine – The Faux Jumpsuit

Before Covid-19 hit I had 3 weddings to attend this year. I used to be someone who wanted a new outfit for every occasion. I’ve smartened up a little since those days, but it’s hard not to get caught up in owning ever more things. I’ve pledged to myself that everything I buy/make will getContinue reading “Make Nine – The Faux Jumpsuit”

Make Nine 2020 – Pattern Selection

I’m starting the blog with a series of posts on my Make Nine 2020. I restarted my sewing adventure in August 2019 when I moved to Bristol and suddenly had time to sew and a sewing community to join! I decided that a make nine would be a good way to keep my sew-jo goingContinue reading “Make Nine 2020 – Pattern Selection”