Make Nine – The Avery Leggings

Everyone loves leggings, I did not love leggings. Leggings were for other people. I am 5’2” (160.5cm) and all of the leggings were the wrong saggy ankled length for me. Or the seam twisted around my legs. I often wore them and ended up doing a weird not very cool dance to make them work on me properly. I figured that I couldn’t make them look any worse than my ready to wear ones so selected the Averys as detailed in my pattern selection post.

I was nervous about working with something stretchy and bought some good quality but not bank breaking Black Jersey from Likesewamazing. Then I sat down and read the instructions with a cup of tea. I’m fortunate enough to have an overlocker (thanks Lidl) and made them on this and the Toyota of consternation (it has since died, but made me swear a lot).

I made these in a Medium, option A the super high-waisted ones as I felt they worked best with my style. Being impatient I didn’t want to wait to start sewing (and thought if I’m smart this wont matter) so for the bits I did on a regular machine I used a white bobbin.

I then proceeded to put the waistband on the wrong way round so the white zig-zag stitches are on the outside 🙂 (live and learn). I then tried them on and cut them to a short person friendly length. Which was too short! All things learnt though, this is a great pattern, easy to follow instructions and likely to appear in my wardrobe in another iteration. These are comfy and as such will be worn out of the house, because why waste them?

Things I Like

  • Comfort
  • High Waisted
  • No Outside Seam
  • Easy to follow instructions

Things I Don’t Like

  • My Impatience and short crop
  • My impatience and white thread showing on the outside.
  • Sometimes I put them on the wrong way (this is not exclusive to my me-mades)

Enjoy your sewing, thread your bobbin with the right colour and don’t cut things before you’re sure.

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