Make Nine 2020 – Getting Wilder

Sorry about the pun. We had a big debate at sewing club about whether it was pronounced Will-der or WILDer. I’ve gone with WILDer, correct me if I’m wrong. I’d seen a lot of really lovely ones on everyone and was getting some major FOSMO (Fear of Sewing Missing Out). I mentioned in my previous post how the one from @lesbonbecsfabuleax had inspired me so I was really wanting to make it in a green chiffon (purchased from Fabric Land). No Toile here, I jumped straight in (error)!

I cut out my pattern in an XS according to my measurements and it fits really nicely. Due to the fabric choice of chiffon I also planned to make it lovely on the inside with French seams. Unfortunately due to brainfog (that I now know was Covid-19, horrible stuff, wear a mask) I managed to sew the first few seams incorrectly.

To help anyone who may make this mistake from the instructions: I had sewed the centre seam of the bodice the wrong way i.e. I had basted the part that was a seam and seamed the part that required basting. At this point after unpicking chiffon, with no holes, I decided it would be safer to not French seam.

The pattern is excellent. It is well written (despite my muppet moment) and comes together really quickly, I also like how different it looks to a lot of other patterns. I can see why everyone has gone bonkers for it. I’ve already made a shirt version in a gorgeous mango coloured fabric and I MAY make a winter dress version in a slightly heavier weight fabric. Inspired by Likesewamazing’s hack I’d add pockets.

This pattern would be great for beginners, with a more stable fabric as there are no tricky closures and it introduces some fun techniques. I would recommend getting some of the PRYM ‘turny things’ to turn the neck tie through as these decrease frustration by around a million percent.

To go underneath as I am not body confident enough or well co-ordinated with my underwear enough I ‘hacked’ an Ogden cami. This was mildly successful, I added a bust dart (originally in the wrong place) and lengthened it at the lengthen lines. I need to hack it better but at present it is a slip dress for being under things so it’s OK. Fabric for this was purchased from it’s a black armor washed satin style. I had enough left over to make a normal Ogden and I really like wearing that too.

Things I like

  • Absolute wafty gown of dreams
  • I got to try a pattern hack
  • Really fun and easy pattern to put together that looks totally polished
  • Lots of variations available

Things I don’t like

  • The chiffon catches on things occasionally and I have to hold my breath
  • I’ve made the bust darts on the Ogden look like I have very pointy nipples

Enjoy your sewing, wear a mask, read the instructions correctly.

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