DIY Bridesmaids Dresses – All the details

Being in the middle of a global pandemic meant that creating complex fitted masterpieces for my bridesmaids was out. Also, the fact that I had 4 (down to 2 due to number constraints) meant that fitting and creating 4 bridesmaids dresses, a wedding dress and a suit between July and March, alongside a broken arm,Continue reading “DIY Bridesmaids Dresses – All the details”

DIY Wedding Dress – The Big Reveal!

There isn’t an awful lot to say that hasn’t been said about the dress now. Post 1 was concept, Post 2 was fit, Post 3 was construction. I did promise two things, reflections on what I wish I’d known and the overall success. What I Wish I’d Known How emotional I’d get when I startedContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dress – The Big Reveal!”

DIY Wedding Dress – Construction

In Part 1 I explained my style choices & Fabrics, Part 2 showed my fitting journey. You’ve made it to Part 3, putting the first two blogs together! I started cutting and putting the dress together over the period following New Year 2021. With the UK going into lockdown I didn’t really have a hugeContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dress – Construction”

DIY Wedding Dress – Toiling and Fitting

In the first blog I showed my design choices and where I sourced my fabrics. Here I’m aiming to show the fitting process and all of the tweaks necessary to get to the fit to be the best it could be (there’s no such thing as perfect). I had originally planned to show construction inContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dress – Toiling and Fitting”

DIY Wedding Dress – Patterns, Design Choices and Fabrics

There was a reason that I was hunting for a haribo ring in a box, which was hidden in our boiler cupboard on Friday 29th May 2020. That reason was I had ‘mentioned marriage 3 f****** times before 10 o’clock in the morning and the ring had been hidden for two months so I shouldContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dress – Patterns, Design Choices and Fabrics”