DIY Wedding Dress – The Big Reveal!

There isn’t an awful lot to say that hasn’t been said about the dress now. Post 1 was concept, Post 2 was fit, Post 3 was construction. I did promise two things, reflections on what I wish I’d known and the overall success.

What I Wish I’d Known

How emotional I’d get when I started being able to try the dress on. This surprised me it was the emotions of all of the love put into the dress and the knowledge that this was a creation I was going to start a new chapter of my life in. I also said to several of my friends that the sewing on of the appliques felt like each stitch was putting a little bit of love and hope into our marriage.

I also wish I’d known other bits of fit information prior to starting the dress, but that was OK. I knew fitting was a process that takes patience and surprisingly for me, I had the patience to do the dress justice.

Overall Success

Did I have a dress to get married in? Yes. Did it fit? Yes. Did I trip over it? No! (success achieved). I could nitpick and I could say what I would do next time (some musings in the previous posts re: hand hemming). However, I am thrilled with it. I have married the man I love wearing a dress I made (and he wore a suit I made for him). Please enjoy looking at these photos which show how happy I am to be with the ones I love and enjoy looking at the details of the dress. Photos were either taken by Nickie of Brown Eyed Photos or My Father in Law Trev.

Other Details

Old – My headdress which belongs to my Gran, my brooch which belonged to my other Gran.

New – My veil, dress and undergarments!

Borrowed – My headdress and my garter

Blue – My garter (not pictured)

The next installment of the DIY Wedding will be two posts on the suit. Until then, enjoy a prosecco, tea or coffee for me!

6 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Dress – The Big Reveal!

  1. It’s a beautiful dress! Especially knowing how much work you did to get the fit right. Thanks for sharing your process, it was really interesting πŸ˜€


  2. Wow!! I’m just finding your blogs, and so impressed with your sewing! Congratulations on your beautiful wedding.


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