DIY Wedding Suit – Patterns, Toiles and Fabrics

Matt (my Husband) already had a suit. So I knew that I could try to make one with very little pressure on myself if it all went horribly wrong. Even my lovely sewing friends thought I was a little bit mad. I thought I was a little bit mad. Without further ado: the suit makingContinue reading “DIY Wedding Suit – Patterns, Toiles and Fabrics”

DIY Wedding Dress – Toiling and Fitting

In the first blog I showed my design choices and where I sourced my fabrics. Here I’m aiming to show the fitting process and all of the tweaks necessary to get to the fit to be the best it could be (there’s no such thing as perfect). I had originally planned to show construction inContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dress – Toiling and Fitting”

DIY Wedding Dress – Patterns, Design Choices and Fabrics

There was a reason that I was hunting for a haribo ring in a box, which was hidden in our boiler cupboard on Friday 29th May 2020. That reason was I had ‘mentioned marriage 3 f****** times before 10 o’clock in the morning and the ring had been hidden for two months so I shouldContinue reading “DIY Wedding Dress – Patterns, Design Choices and Fabrics”